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Samurai Skull Gold Foil Variant (Edition of 20)

$49.99 / Sold Out

"Samurai Skull"

-Size: 20" x 20"
-1 Color Silk Screen Print
-Gold Mirror Foil Paper (the print looks much more impressive in person. It's difficult to capture the gold mirror surface of this foil paper)
-Hand Numbered, Signed, and Embossed
-Limited Edition print of 20

I've always been fascinated with feudal Japan, especially with Samurais. Their weapon and armor is truly spectacular. I love the details and flares of the Samurai Helmet (Kabuto) which inspired me to create this image. Initially wanted to use a Japanese Noh Mask, or a Samurai Mask (Mempo), but I thought a skull would make for a more interesting composition. More importantly, it's a tribute to the warriors of a powerful military caste.

Since these are all hand pressed embossing, the alignment will not be perfect. Every print has imperfect alignment, which I personally think gives the print an unique touch just like how my signatures are never identical.

Printed by inhousestickers.com